Below is a selection of comments and feedback on the e-English learning experience from both individual learners and business managers and owners.

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“I really love learning English at e-English. The teachers are competent and punctual. The attention to grammar and regular instant feedback after each lesson have helped me a lot to speak accurately and discussing exciting topics to improve my fluency and expand my vocabulary in various areas. I can feel my progress as well as my native speaking colleagues who have noticed how my English has improved. Highly recommended”

Alexey D, Russia

“Total Objects Russia has been using e-English services for several years. We are very satisfied with the quality, professionalism and attitude of the teachers provided by e-English and will continue co-operating with them.”

Vladimir S, Russia

“Being very busy and having a different working schedule every day, I have no time to go to regular English lessons. Online lessons are very convenient for me as the time is flexible. I can have more lessons when the pressure is less than usual and less when a deadline of the project is coming. Online lessons are very good for English fluency, improving vocabulary and grammar. It’s a very good chance to communicate with a native speaker and learn not only about language, but about traditions, culture and life in different countries as well.”

Lyuba A, Russia

“e-English teachers can be commended for their professionalism, dynamism, concern for their students and quality of instruction. They are very resourceful and often go beyond the lesson’s bounds, thus exceeding expectations.”

Leonid L, Russia

“I was learning English with my teacher for several years. She is flexible, proactive and a very positive person which make lessons extremely valuable. Her high degree of expertise, enthusiastic approach and perfect sense of humour create a natural and open minded atmosphere during classes. My teacher impresses me with her talent to transform a lesson into a lively and interesting part of the day with icebreaker discussions and back-in-time ‘excursions’ relating to the English language. I would especially like to emphasize her highest level of sensitivity to others. She willingly and tirelessly helps with language questions for any topic and any scale of complexity. I would certainly recommend e-English for any kind of English lessons you need and for any skill in English language you want to achieve.”

Yuriy M, Russia

“My teacher is interesting and makes the classroom atmosphere more relaxed and makes me communicate more. He is a professional teacher, so the learning is more effective. I will continue to learn with him.”

Z, China

“You can read and listen to English stuff a lot, but it won’t help you to speak fluently. You need practise and accurate feedback. With e-English you have both. It’s really valuable help on the way of learning English.”

Ivan S, Russia

“e-English started teaching our Russian employees business English in 2007 on site, at our offices in St Petersburg, Russia. Our Russian employees much preferred native English teachers teaching them so we started using ‘e’ learning. With barely a hiccup the e-learning service continued and continues now.”

Larry S, UK

“The teachers at e-English have done an excellent job from a UK perspective and feedback from the Russian colleagues and management is extremely positive.”

Paul S, UK

“e-English lessons are similar to face to face lessons: a teacher is able to correct our mistakes immediately, provide hints when you need them, advise the better choice of a phrase or language construction and change the level of difficulty of the learning material. In many ways, e-English lessons are better than face to face lessons. Instead of collecting defects from other students you increase your English from a native speaker in all areas: pronunciation, grammar, actual phrases and constructions. Also, you may schedule lessons in advance taking into account restrictions of your business duties: e.g., differences in time when you have business trips, appearance of ad-hoc meetings and tasks and public holidays.You can also ask questions before lessons and discuss them online later. Even if you are not able to recognize the problem in a lesson you can use quick chat with a tutor.”

Michael P, Russia

“My teacher always tries to make the studying process more enthralling. You may be sure that e-English teachers will make everything possible for you to start speaking English at a better level. Each lesson combines routine tasks with your personal life experience and it helps to assimilate new lesson material.”

Anton K, Russia

“I started taking lessons in e-English from two years ago. In this period of time, I did my masters degree in the UK and found a job, all this wouldn’t be possible without the support of e-English. They fit your English level with your ability to make the learning process enjoyable. The context of the lessons adapts to the learners and makes studying interesting and attractive. I am really happy with the results and I am still with them to improve my English more.”

Juan T, Spain

“The lessons are interesting and understandable. Many employees had a quick progress in learning English after lessons with e-English teachers.”

Svetlana K, Russia

“The teachers are excellent with a standard and beautiful English accent. They have always been well prepared before each class and very focused on topics you are interested in and weakness of your own. Meanwhile, they are extremely patient and inclusive, no matter how poor your English has been or how many mistakes you have made during the class, you will never feel stressed talking to them during the class. They’ve got very good interpersonal and communication soft skills. They also mark mistakes you made in lessons and helps you to review all of them during the next one. Absolutely an efficient and effective teaching methodology! I will definitely recommend e-English lessons to anyone who wants to learn and enhance real English!”

Charles L, China

“I had a literally precious opportunity to not only study grammar and vocabulary, but to hear and speak live language which for me is the most important part at the moment. I really enjoyed the lessons, and I feel that my speaking became more fluent – thanks to them.”

Yuri L, Belarus

“My teacher is a gifted instructor. She has many years pf experience as an English teacher. She really loves teaching people, which helps her to use a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. Her calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you’re making mistakes. She is always encouraging and positive. What I personally like:
– a good combination of systematic approach and improvisation,
– a pace which is comfortable for you,
– a genuine interest in students.”

Maria Z, Russia

“I have a lot of experience in studying English to compare with, and for sure, my e-English teacher is the best tutor! He doesn’t only chat with you, but he has a lot of learning materials for any grammar point. At the same time, our lessons are not dull and grammar-centred – He is a fascinating person to speak with. During classes, my teacher always combines discussions about interesting topics and educational process: speaking, listening, grammar and vocabulary improving. Especially I appreciate very concise feedback after the lesson – I always use it for revision until the next lesson.”

Alexey K, Russia

“My grammar and speaking skills have improved tremendously due to my teacher’s patience, clear explanation, assignments and notes.”

Simone D, Holland

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