Helping your business thrive through effective communication.

Helping Chinese and Russian businesses and offices realize their true potential by improving their English communication skills.

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The ultimate aim of our 1-to-1 online business courses is to help your business communicate effectively with your international colleagues and clients by improving the English communication skills of your team.

Our customized business courses will provide your team with the right language, skills and confidence to help you grow your business and realize your true potential.

Our business programmes are designed around key business themes, depending on the learning needs of each or your employees and their ultimate study goal.

Courses can focus on improving areas including:

  • Communication in meetings and e-mails
  • Writing proposals and reports
  • Making presentations
  • Formal and informal English
  • Functional, everyday grammar and business phrases
  • Making decisions and negotiating
  • Business phrasal verbs and idioms
  • Business travel
  • Describing trends and statistics
  • Solving problems and making suggestions
  • Differences in business culture

Each course is uniquely tailored to each employee and is designed to be flexible so that each learner gains the relevant skills and language to communicate effectively in their own role. After completing each programme theme, your employees will be able to master the language which will help them communicate more effectively in English, work more productively and ultimately help you grow your business.

Assessments and Progress

We regularly assess employees’ progress and provide management and HR with periodic written assessment reports for each employee, at no extra cost.

Our reports provide valuable feedback on how each of your employees communicates in English within your company and share insights into the progress they have made, the challenges they face and how this affects their performance at work and ultimately the success of your business.

Each employee is also given a grade in line with the internationally recognised standards set by the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) from level A1 (beginner) to C2 (native).

“Absolutely an efficient and effective teaching methodology!”

Charles L, China

“The teachers at e-English have done an excellent job from a UK perspective and feedback from our Russian colleagues and management is extremely positive.”

Paul S, UK

“We are very satisfied with the quality, professionalism and attitude of the teachers provided by e-English.”

Vladimir S, Russia

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